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July 2012 Articles

     Below are links to articles and editorials that have been published on-line from July 20 through July 29, 2012. Even a cursory review of the titles will indicate that an overwhelming majority (almost unanimous) of the articles/letters are opposed to the Boy Scouts of America's policy of discrimination against LGBT and non-theistic youth/adults.


Boy Scouts: Can't have it both ways

Hey Boy Scouts: Time to practice what you preach

Letter: Columnist doesn't understand Scouts

Eric Farnsworth: No correlation between being gay and being ...

Guest commentary: Discrimination has no place in the Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts must accept gays in order to survive

Unwavering discrimination

Eagle Boy Scout takes a firm stand for homosexuals

EDITORIAL: Boy Scouts' decision on gays is cruel and bigoted

Eagle Scout returns medal over gay exclusion policy

Editorial: Boy Scouts and homosexuality

Letter: Why I will no longer support the Boy Scouts of America

Gay ban: Is it Scouts' honor or dishonor?

Eagle Scouts make a Tumblr for protest letters

Returning Boy Scout medals

Boy Scouts decision defies most of their own ideals

Boy Scouts' discriminatory policy finds no support in Catholic ...

A New Twist on Scout's Honor: Standing Up for Gay Affiliates

Boy Scouts' ban on gay members alienates some high-ranking Eagles

LGBT Rights vs Boy Scout Morals Eagle Scouts Wrongly Return ...

Homosexuality to blame?

Kathy Park: Kudos to Tucker for piece on Scouts and gay leaders

Scouts should end ignorance

Scout gay policy gets no support in Mount Olive Township

Dear Boy Scouts of America: I'm Returning My Eagle Scout Medal

Boy Scouts: "A few" returned medals

Some Boy Scout Troops Disregard Ban on Gays

Opinion: Scouts are only buying time

Perspectives: Scouting's connection to personal freedom

My letter to the Boy Scouts returning my Eagle Scout medal

California scouts staff return badges over dismissal of gay Eagle Scout

Scouts should embrace all

Eagle Scouts Return Hard-Earned Medals to Protest Boy Scouts ...

Gays, Gods and Boy Scouts

Why My Son Can't Be a Boy Scout

Josh Puckett was a Cub Scout

Teaching Tolerance to Boy Scouts

Sides spar over gay Boy Scouts and leaders

Boy Scouts decision evokes debate

Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Stand Betrays Jewish Roots

Eagle Scouts Return Medals Over Boy Scouts Anti-Gay Policy

More men join the ranks of Former Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts Lauded for Continuing Ban on Openly Homosexual ...

Boy Scout Fallout

Loudoun's Eugene Delgaudio sings against gays in the Boy Scouts

Esther Cepeda | Boy Scouts only hurting themselves in the long run

Tucker: Boy Scouts' policy on gays looks increasingly out of touch

Joe Volz: Gays still banned from Boy Scouts

David Biesack: Banning role models

Scouts' dishonor: The BSA continues to blaze a trail of intolerance

Despite protests, Boy Scouts reaffirm ban on gays

Eagle Scouts return medals to protest anti-gay stance

Scouts' decision was gutsy and correct

Boy Scouts are living in the past

Boy Scouts Of America's Gay Exclusion Policy Appalling

Scouts Returning Badges in Wake of Boy Scouts Gay Ban

Eagle Scouts return medals to protest Boy Scouts anti-gay policy

Did the Jonesboro Sun Publish Hate Speech?

After Boy Scouts of America reaffirms it's gay ban, many Eagle ...

Eagle Scouts Return Badges In Protest

Rob McKenna disapproves Boy Scouts stance on gay rights

FRC Strategy Memo: 'We Must Go On Offense,' Target Secular ...

While Boy Scouts maintain ban, other groups embrace diversity

Tri-County Area Councils Refer to National on Gay Question

An Eagle Scout No More: Why I'm Sending My Badge Back to Boy ...

Scouts' gay ban creates problem where none exists

Practice What You Preach

Gay Mom Jennifer Tyrell and Boy Scouts of America

To the Editor: Ban Public Funds to Boy Scouts

Major League Soccer to end partnership with anti-gay Boy Scouts

Hinely: Boy Scouts missed an opportunity

Jon Stewart takes down Boy Scouts and Chick-fil-A on 'The Daily ...

Letters: Scouts promote safe opportunities for boys

Boy Scouts Gay Policy is Perfectly Right

Boy Scouts Gay Policy is Legal But Wrong

Op-Ed: Paper should be ashamed for Scout criticism

Boy Scouts policy on gays has detractors

The Boy Scouts Are As Un-American As It Gets

Our view: Scouting's right, but wrong aim

Huckabee: Boy Scouts Did The Right Thing Because Gays Abuse ...

Major League Soccer Ends Partnership with Boy Scouts Over Gay Ban

Major League Soccer will not renew partnership with Boy Scouts of ...

Major League Soccer Drops Partnership With Boy Scouts

No Long Valley support for Scouting's anti-gay policy

Who's Gay Tuesday: 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'

Open Letter to Boy Scouts of America: New Anti-Gay Policy Makes ...

Eagle Scouts stand up to the Boy Scouts of America: *UPDATED*

Panama Stands Alone on Gay Scouts Iissue.

Boy Scouts of America keep ban on gay members

Letter: Boy Scouts made right decision

Letter: Eagle Scout protests policy

Jon Stewart: Anti-Gay Boy Scouts Are Kind of, Well, Gay

Iowa City native Wahls urges Boy Scouts to rethink gay ban

Scouts' anti-gay policy makes no sense

Past time to change

The Morning Pride: July 23, 2012

Boy Scout policy on banning gays could cost backing, dollars

Bad lessons in citizenship from the Boy Scouts

Fearful Boy Scouts send a message of exclusion

Editorial: Boy Scouts' policy on gays is indefensible

Scouts on wrong path

Chris Rickert: How can you explain Boy Scouts' gay ban?

Regional Scouting group to form panel to study anti-gay ban

Local troops defy Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay stance

Boy Scouts ban prompts local reaction

Major League Soccer will end relationship with Boy Scouts

Letter: Boy Scouts' stance on gays praised

Scouts' gay ban stirs emotions in OC

Gay Eagle Scouts to Open Chick-Fil-A in Topeka, KS

Weekly Recap: Pride For Youth Responds to Boy Scouts Ban, Long ...

Boy Scouts and gay people: Next phase of public protest will sting ...

Morality: What do the Boy Scouts know that military, majority of ...

Why can't the Boy Scouts handle a lesbian or two?

Cynthia Tucker: Boy Scout policy on gays out of touch

Boy Scouts are sending wrong message with policy

Why can't gays be Scouts, too?

Now's the time for Boy Scouts to clean house

Boy Scouts prefer to discriminate

Expecting too much of the Boy Scouts on social policy

Scouts Take a Stand

Washington: GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Against Scouts ...

The Boy Scouts stand firm in fear

Boy Scouts caved in to bigotry

LETTER: Boy Scouts show courage

Boy Scouts not budging on policy

Seiler: A different kind of self-abuse

Ahlin: Let us consider a new oath for the Boy Scouts

Citizen Dave: The Week in Review, with the drought, Boy Scouts ...

Editorial: Scorecard tackles the Boy Scouts' gay ban and a ...

The Boy Scouts stick with anti-gay policy

Exclusion of gays makes some navigate away from Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts of America Is No Place for a Lesbian

Boy Scouts antigay policy is out of touch

Martin Cizmar, Former Eagle Scout, Returns BadgeTo Boy Scouts In ...

Learning from the Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts Gay Ban Sends Wrong Message to Youth

Boy Scouts reaffirm anti-gay stance

Queers Need Not Apply: The Boy Scouts of Amerika Continue to ...

OC Gay & Lesbian Center and OCEC Condemn Continued Bigotry ...

Eagle Scout Returns His Badge To Protest Boy Scouts' Gay Ban

Pentagon 1, Boy Scouts 0

More on the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts' Futile Isolationism

Gay activist: Why the Boy Scouts kicked me out

Exclusion of gays makes some navigate away from Boy Scouts

McKenna, Inslee both oppose Scouts' decision

Boy Scouts, end discrimination against gays

Boy Scouts of America prepared for intolerance

Boy Scouts of America Remain Anti Gay

Doblin: Boy Scouts reaffirms its discriminatory policy

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