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BSA on Human Sexuality


Helping America's youth to become personally fit has always been one of the primary objectives of the Boy Scouts of America.

Inherent in personal fitness concepts are concerns about sexuality, sexual identity, and sex roles. Our organization recognizes the importance of individuals making responsible, informed decisions about these important areas of personal development. Such personal choices are an integral part of a healthy self-concept -- a foundation for one's future well-being.

The development of human sexuality is viewed as a lifelong process encompassing one's thoughts about oneself in sexual terms; how one interrelates with those of the same sex and the other sex; how one perceives and participates in sexual interactions. Central to this development is the issue of moral values -- that is, the personal value system that determines how an individual feels, behaves, and interprets experiences. Sound input at early stages in life gives children a solid foundation upon which to base adult relationships.

Education for sexuality belongs in the home. Parents should be the primary sexuality educators of their children, particularly in the early years. In the home, the most sensitive information as well as family and religious values can be shared. However, positive education in sexuality is not provided in many homes. Only a small percentage of mothers and fathers contribute first sex information to their children. The bulk of such learning is obtained from peers, the media, and literature.

Scouters often find themselves in the right place at the right time to respond to questions from youth members. They should be prepared to do this with sensitivity and accuracy, but they should not attempt to do counseling. They should reinforce rather than contradict what is being taught in the family and by the youth's religious leaders.

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