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     This web site gets unsolicited e-mail from time to time. Since the warning was placed on the web site's home page, that number has dropped considerably. Nonetheless, many e-mails from BSA supporters ironically tend to challenge the fact that the BSA discriminates, irregardless of the BSA's statements to the contrary. These individuals assert that they can "refute" the "allegations" published on the site and when invited to do so (we do request that they provide a citation for their documentary source), they never reply. There have been others who have contacted for additional information and resources in dealing with a variety of issues with the BSA. We have been happy to comply with these requests. Then there is the following e-mail we received.

     This e-mail is from the wife of a long-time scout leader and mother of two children. She contacted this site in January 2010. Given her situation, all identifying information has been redacted and/or removed from her e-mail. It is an interesting story about the hypocrisy of the BSA expelling gays and atheists for "moral reasons," yet having no problem keeping other leaders who everyone within the BSA  knows are committing immoral acts.

    "Thank you for this site.  I did not know the level of discrimination in BSA until I started researching it. 
    For those who criticize this site, perhaps they need to look beyond BSA official policy and see what they are actually doing.
    My now ex-husband had affairs with at least 3 other married scout leaders during our marriage.  Two of the husbands divorced their wives after finding out about the affairs (the other husband passed away during the affair).  Even more alarming, my husband was taking her as his date to Order of the Arrow, Wood Badge and other scouting events.  Other leaders and BSA council executives were aware of his behavior and covered it up for him.  Even the other boys knew what was going on and harassed my son. 

    My ex-husband is now living with one of his mistresses (she is more than 15 years his senior, but that's a different story).  They are the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster for the council's jamboree unit.  Whatever happened to two deep leadership????  This is a strict policy to protect boys, but BSA is ignoring it.
    He was on the XXXXX child abuse registry in 2004 and was investigated for child abuse 3 times in 2009 in two different states.  Charges were referred in (another state).  BSA was made aware of this.  I offered to sign releases so they could interview my son, the investigators, the police, his doctor, his therapist and the school guidance counselor.  They said they didn't need to investigate anything.  Because of the leaders who were protecting my husband's sexual behavior, I couldn't count on them to protect my son, so he had to change troops.
    I have a court order prohibiting him from taking our daughter on overnight scout trips due to his obsession with pornography (particularly web sites on barely legal teens in Asia and magazines focusing on the pleasures of incest).  He immediately violated this order and several other leaders including the Scoutmaster covered it up for him.  I contacted the council to see what they would do to protect my daughter and to let me know if it happened again.  They told me it wasn't their problem.

    BSA may talk a good talk, but they have no follow through.  They do not even follow the values of their own Scout Oath. They do not care that they have a registered child abuser as a Scoutmaster.  The only reason my son is still in Scouts at all is because he is going into the military and the Eagle Scout will help him out.
    So please keep telling people to question what BSA is really saying.  They do not really care about family values, as I have realized too late.  And if you are a Scout in either XXXXX or XXXXX, be careful - your leader may be a sexually obsessed child abuser and/or adulterer and these will be the family values that your child will be taught."

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