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Corporate Sponsers stop funding BSA

   As with the United Way chapters, in the early 1990's socially minded companies began a review of their giving to local BSA councils. Several large national companies publicly distanced themselves from BSA's discriminatory practices and stopped providing any funds to the local councils.
     In the early 1990's such corporate decisions were met with hostility by BSA. BSA retaliated against such companies at the time and continue to wage public relations battles against companies who decide to comply with their corporate policies of nondiscrimination.
     From BSA's actions, it seems that BSA feels that having a Constitutional right to discriminate makes BSA better than others. For example, when others exercise their Constitutional right not to associate with or fund BSA because of it's discriminatory practices, BSA has no problem in publicly denouncing those organizations and calling on people not to do business with them. The exact same tactics used by persons opposed to BSA's discriminatory practices.
     Once again, another example of BSA's hypocrisy and failure in living up to the Scout Oath and Law.

     The following is a list of just a few of the corporations who have decided to stop funding the Boy Scouts of America until they rescind their policy of discrimination:

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