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PTA MEMO: August, 1995

TO: State, Council and Local Presidents Board of Directors

FROM: Joan Dykstra

RE: National PTA and Boy Scouts of America

This is in response to the many inquiries we receive about our relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.

I hope the following information will make the situation clear to you.

- The National PTA has not considered the Boy Scouts of America as a cooperating organization since 1989.

- That is because the Boy Scouts will not indemnify PTA leaders who sign an agreement to sponsor a Boy Scout troop.

- Without indemnification, a PTA leader could be held personally liable in any legal action against the troop, its members or leadership.

- That means that the PTA member may be sued for personal assets.

While the Boy Scouts do provide some liability coverage, it may not extend to personal liability insurance for troop sponsors. If you do decide to serve as a sponsor anyway, we urge you to consider purchasing additional personal liability insurance for yourself and


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